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I created DrawDown to fulfil a personal need. Although there are great tools for packaging an image up as an icon, or creating multiple screen-shots at different sizes... they all required that final images were available. I didn't want to have to have an iOS like icon on the Mac, or vice-versa. I wanted to create some basic assets and assemble them in a way that suits the platform. I wanted to build monsters out of body parts, and ensure that the images created could feed straight into the tools I use everyday to build apps, and web-sites.

DrawDown has been inspired by John Gruber's Markdown and has very similar goals. Enable a human readable plain text format to create rich output. Of course images are not like text, so the format respects the domain. Think of it like plain-text Photoshop.

I wanted to be able to fully integrate the creation and updating of the images into my processes, and also to spread this to the widest possible audience. I also wanted to be able to see the images I created as I worked. Because of these goals DrawDown is available in two forms

Even if you decide to buy the DrawDown App, please do go and see examples, guides and more at Swift Studies including some blog posts


DrawDown requires MacOS X 10.10 (see what I did there) or later. Its key features are:

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