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ExpressionEngine meet iOS... iOS meet ExpressionEngine

ExpressionEngine is one of the premier CMS systems on the internet used by some of the world's largest and smallest companies alike. We thought it was about time you could create things without needing a desktop.


Working just got mobile


Here at RED When Excited (RWE to its friends) we have been developing applications, games, and web-sites for over 14 years. In this time we’ve worked with multiple Content Management Systems (CMS), as well as developing our own. When the iPhone came along we started developing plans for Apps, and one of the first things we wanted to do was revamp the web-site. Throwing away our previous CMS, we adopted ExpressionEngine from Ellis Labs for its power and flexibility. However we quickly discovered that the thing we most wanted to do was keep up to date with the site, and be able to post to our blogs without needing to be sitting at our computers. We headed off to the App Store to see what was there. Whilst there are a few Apps that do integrate with ExpressionEngine we quickly discovered they are all designed for generic CMS’s, and all use a generic interface to do so. What does this mean? Limitations and an inability to really use the power of any one CMS in order to work with all CMS’s. So we decided we would write our own. iExpression is the App we use to manage our own site, and especially with the upcoming release of 1.3 we think that’s exactly what you’ll get. Of course, you can still use the same interface the other Apps use, but to really fly we’ve got a dedicated module for ExpressionEngine 1.6.8 and above, and ExpressionEngine 2.1 and above that brings the power of ExpressionEngine onto your iPhone or iPad.

What you can do

We have an expansive plan for iExpression, and even the upcoming release of 1.3 is really just the start. However, we started out with the intention of supporting a few simple use cases, and building from there. Right now, iExpression is designed for some of the following uses, however we are sure you’ll discover your own. Support any number of sites or users Post on the move taking snapshots, and supporting social networking integration and tracking Leverage the power of ExpressionEngine custom field groups

Core Features

iExpression is made up of a 100 of tiny features that add up into a unique mobile experience, but the core features are listed here so you have an idea of what you can achieve with this powerful little tool
  • Single universal app supporting all iOS Devices from 3.1.3 onwards (fully tested in iOS 4.0.2 and with full support for iPhone 4’s retina display)
  • Landscape or portrait mode editing
  • Supports ExpressionEngine 1.x or 2.x using either the standard Metaweblog API (limits the functionality you can use) or our very own dedicated module (Coming in 1.3 - available for free to all iExpression users)
  • Add any number of ExpressionEngine sites, and any number of users to each site
  • Configure Twitter announcements for each user (if desired)
  • Geo-tag posts with your current (or edited) location
  • Browse and upload to ExpressionEngine upload locations (including snap-shots taken with your iOS device’s camera if it has one)
  • Support for all standard ExpressionEngine field-types (based on the release of ExpressionEngine you are using)
  • Add images to text fields (especially important for ExpressionEngine 1.6 users who cannot benefit from the ExpressionEngine 2.X file field-type)
  • Advanced editing mode enables rapid editing of advanced formatting for experienced users including the ability to preview how ExpressionEngine will layout the content of a field BEFORE you even submit it to the site
  • Advanced file management, allowing uploading of any file type from your phone, it's camera, media library, e-mails, web-sites and new in 1.4 via your Dropbox account
  • Post/Edit/Delete in any blog or channel (controlled by the user’s permissions of course), keeping local drafts on your iOS device if you are not currently connected
  • Track click-throughs to your posts, or tweets about it on
  • View your entries live on the web to make sure they are just how you wanted them
  • Supports TextExpander (SmileSoftware) touch snippet expansion which can dramatically improve the experience of mobile blogging.
The really exciting thing is that this is just the beginning, we are planning many more exciting additions to iExpression over the coming releases, including support for third-party field types (there are one or two in the current version, but we have more coming). Why not take a look at the gallery to learn more?
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