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retro messaging for thumbs

Txt like it’s 1998. Again. On the world’s most advanced smart-phone you can retrotxt, or if you have an iPod Touch, retromail. Yes, that's a word and we are not afraid to use it.



Big easy to hit buttons, and auto capitalisation make this a handy way to send txts on the move. Touch sensitive screens? Superb, but maybe you miss the good old days where all you had were some big keys and a reason to snd msgs to m8s?

TxtM8 takes you back to send SMS text messages like it’s 1998 all over again. Yes, multiple taps on the big number buttons will cycle you through the characters, it may be slower but it’s still easier to do with one hand when you’re going from one nightlife hot-spot to another.

If you are an iPod Touch user, you can still send eMails using TxtM8.

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