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share everything, without sharing everything

No body want's to say no when someone asks to use your iOS device... but sometimes you don't always want to share everything you've been doing!

Personal Browser

Let's get personal

We don’t know about you, but our iPads are in frequent demand in our homes. From wives and girlfriends, to kids and visitors… everyone likes to just pick it up and go. This is great until someone pops open Safari and your e-mail, amazon account, or worse is laid bare for all to see. So we’ve created Personal Browser. Personal Browser allows multiple users to have their own browser with history and favourites and you would expect, protected by your very own PIN. Creating a new account takes seconds. Even better, if you have iCloud turned on all accounts (still protected by PINs) will be magically synchronised to all your devices including your history and favourites. Perfect if you’ve just picked up a new iPad and don’t want to have to check which one you’ve picked up. It’s a universal app so one purchase will let you put it on all your iOS devices.

What are you waiting for?

We think everyone deserves their own space, so we’ve priced Personal Browser at just $0.99 (or your local iTunes currency equivalent!).

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