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If you've ever needed to build multiple versions of an icon, each one tuned to the platform it's destined for, had to build graphics for a game and wanted to make it easy to create and update hundreds of frames, or wrestled with App Store screen shots... DrawDown is for you. A free command line tool you can integrate into your build process, and a dedicated interactive editor for MacOS there's about to be one more thing you can automate away.

Cloud Mate 1.3… It has always been your finder for iCloud… Now it’s brought the iCloud to Finder!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

We are delighted to announce the immediate availability of Cloud Mate 1.3. As always we’ve included the normal “Stability improvements”, but we’ve also added a feature we just know is going to delight you… iCloud… in Finder!

That’s right, you can now see iCloud as it’s own drive, with easy to identify folder icons. Even Photo Stream gets to play, appearing as a single folder with all your images inside… just like Cloud Mate has always provided!

Registered users can just run Cloud Mate to launch an automatic download of the update, new users can buy it here

Just released: Cloud Mate 1.2

Monday, September 17, 2012

Cloud Mate is Finder for your iCloud. It enables you to easily see and manipulate all of your iCloud documents from a single app. In Cloud Mate 1.1 we added support for Photo Stream meaning that for the first time you didn’t need to run a dedicate app just to easily see all your pictures. 

Cloud Mate 1.2 refines the experience. We’ve made a host of changes to polish the experience for you, here are the changes in this release:
  • Improved navigation with back/forward and path drop-downs
  • Added “Organise by…” options to the toolbar
  • Introduced Mountain Lion notifications for changed documents in your iCloud including ability to chose which apps notify of changes
  • Start-up performance greatly improved
  • Added the ability to check for and download Cloud Mate updates
  • Cloud Mate now remains running when its window is closed
  • Fixed an issue where the name of a known app sometimes returned the bundle display name 
  • Fixed a bug where apps that were not immediately recognised would not automatically update when changes occurred in iCloud
  • Fixed a bug where keyboard navigation of apps would not work
  • Fixed an issue where window size and layout was not remembered correctly between runs
  • Fixed an issue where desired icon size was not remembered between invocations
  • Fixed an issue where the Quick Look popover may be too small
Registerd users can download Cloud Mate 1.2.1 here

Update: We’ve just released a 1.2.1 update to address 3 issues that were relatively common. Those who have already updated to 1.2 can use the “check for updates” menu item in the Cloud Mate menu to automatically download. Cloud Mate 1.1 users please just use the link above.

Announcing Cloud Mate 1.1

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

We have been delighted by the response to Cloud Mate, and are very happy to announce the immediate availability of Cloud Mate 1.1. Cloud Mate 1.1 fixes a couple of issues, and introduces some great new features. 

Cloud Mate brings all of your iCloud content from all of your apps (including iOS apps) together into a single place on your Mac. Think of it as “Finder for iCloud”. Cloud Mate 1.1. has the following changes and improvements
  • Support for Photo Stream
  • Adds “Move to iCloud” and “Copy to iCloud” system services
  • Greatly improved “known app” detection for iOS apps
  • Added dynamic search
  • Added a toolbar for improved discoverability of Quick Look, Reveal in Finder, New Folder and Delete actions
  • Fixed an issue where the current selection was not correctly highlighted when switching between apps
  • Fixed an issue where dragging a file over a folder could be “fiddly”
  • Fixed an issue where known and unknown apps may not be correctly sorted
Registered users can download the new version by clicking here.

Introducing Cloud Mate

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We are proud to announce the immediate availability of Cloud Mate

When we started developing the Mac version of iExpression, together with its iCloud integration we rapidly discovered that we were often buried deep in our Library directory having to dig out files that were being sync’d or shared with iCloud. Then as Mountain Lion betas developed we found ourselves personally trying to use iCloud more and more, but kept snagging on a number of things that were just harder than you’d expect. A few examples? Print a TextEdit document, saving as PDF to the iCloud… Can’t get at it from Preview. Want to edit that Word document later on from Pages on the iPad? You have to e-mail it yourself and open it later. 

Now, you can actually solve all of these problems without having to dig out your Library/Mobile Documents folder, but it always involves opening at least one application you actualy don’t want to use, and more often than not… two (drag that PDF from the Open file browser in TextEdit over into the Open file browser for Preview, or onto your desktop… and let’s not even talk about if you did it from the Mail app… good luck digging that one out!). 

We decided that we needed a single place to move things into, between, and out of iCloud. So we created Cloud Mate. Just for us. Except that we are now running it on all of our machines, and getting more and more out of iCloud at the same time. We thought others might have the same problems, or even better… want the benefits of iCloud that we felt we’d unlocked with Cloud Mate.  

So we’ve released it. It’s not on the Mac App store for obvious reasons, but at a special introductory price of $4.99 and purchasing managed by the well known and trusted fastspring, we hope you give it a try. It’s signed and GateKeeper friendly. 

To take a look click here.

iExpression ExpressionEngine Module 1.5 Released

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We have today release version 1.5 of the iExpression module for ExpressionEngine supporting the current iOS App and the in-development iExpression for Mac version. 

This update fixes some issues that have resulted from updates to ExpressionEngine and the version of PHP required. Changes include: 
  • Module supports both iExpression for iOS and the upcoming version for OS X
  • Resolved issues that caused warnings to be displayed in the ExpressionEngine developer log
  • Resolved an issue where a warning would be reported in the PHP when updating gallery items
You can download the updated version of the module here
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