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iExpression Mac Status Update

Monday, July 23, 2012

We just wanted to give you a quick update on the iExpression Mac application status. After letting the App sit in the “In Review” status for over a week, we chose to Reject the binary ourselves and re-submit. We have been in this situation before, and this proved to be the right thing to do. 

This has however allowed us to add some additional features that weren’t ready before we submitted the last version. Perhaps most importantly it has allowed us to re-introduce ExpressionEngine 1.X support by using the standard (shipped with EE) Metaweblog interface. 

Interestingly we had actually supported Metaweblog before with the initial release of the iOS application. At that point when we added our own module and support for that to the iOS we had eventually retired the Metaweblog interface as at that point, we had to maintain almost two completely seperate UI’s in order to support both. Not great for users or us!
Things are a little different this time around. We’ve mentioned before we’ve completely re-written the engine that integrates with ExpressionEngine. As part of that we made it possible for us to support other interfaces transparently to the UI (and therefore largely the UX apart from restrictions on the interface itself). As soon as we had shipped the previous release to the Mac App store for review, we started work on this next feature for both the iOS and Mac client. As a testomony to Alan’s hard work, this took less than a day to implement, and then enjoyed 6 days of testing. 

Selecting desired integration method in iExpression Mac

Interestingly we are able to support multiple different integration methodologies from any given protocol. This creates the oppertunity for us to potentially leverage other modules (perhaps not provided by us) to give more to our users if they have those modules. We are at the early stages of exploring this capability, but we are already exploring some interesting oppertunities. 

Obviously all of this means we could end up missing our self-imposed release date of “with Mountain Lion”… we hope that we race through the review process, but also have to recognise Apple’s review teams are probably quite busy right now! Again, we think it’s a net win for users to have the ability to do this and in the long run we made the right decision. 

[Update] Well it’s clear now we haven’t made it. We’ll keep you updated as the review process continues

Drums fingers on desk…

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hum… “In Review” for 7 days now… methinks something is stuck. We’ve had this before with iOS Apps and the only solution was to reject the binary ourselves and re-submit… This shall be done if it goes on much longer… 

iExpression for Mac… submitted to App Store

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Obviously they are probably getting quite busy right now… but we have closed this off. We are just doing some final work on the module (testing with both iOS and Mac versions) ready to make available. This version will address the warnings that the current version can cause to appear in log files and we will release it ahead of the launch of iExpression for Mac. Almost there!

And then there were 4….

Monday, July 09, 2012

We are now down to just 4 items in the burn-down list, and they are becomming both increasingly minor… and increasingly niggly to find and fix. I guess this makes it a little desperation post to say… we are so close we can taste it but it’s at that force-of-will stage to get it all done and polished as it should be. 

We are hoping to hit zero today or tomorrow, run a full reqression suite, then submit to the App Store. For those awaiting an update to the module (existing iOS users) we are also working on that and will make it available shortly after App Store submission. It will get rid of some of the annoying warnings you have received in your logs and will be compatible with both the iOS and Mac versions of iExpression (so one module will do both, even before we update the iOS app). 

After spending all day on one of the four, and eventually discovering that I was being stunningly stupid (editing one of two very similar classes, but looking at the results of the other)… bringing the two together and fixing it… Only to then see that that one was clearly the cause for the other. 

A day I tell you. A whole day. 

2 bugs left. 

iExpression Mac burn-down has begun

Thursday, July 05, 2012

We’ve started the burn-down… defects are being killed. Little annoyances are being tweaked. No features are being added. App Store data is being updated with screen shots and web-pages are being prepared. User-guides are being written. 

This is a little hint of one of the great features we haven’t talked about yet… Smart Channels… here is one showing how many bugs we’ve got left to squish (right now… there could be more in the morning!)
Smart Channels… They look like ordinary channels but they can combine multiple entries from multiple channels and much more!

It’s getting closer… and we are still agonising over the order of toolbar items. 

Oh and the icon is ready. And we quite like it. And it has changed for a week. 
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