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Site update achieved with the help iExpression Mac

Friday, June 01, 2012

The more observant of you will have noticed that we’ve made some changes to the web-site. We are very happy with them (for a little more history of the styles that we’ve gone through over the years, you can check them out here

The last look…

As you can see we’ve simplified things a lot, and if I had to say where we’d taken queues from I’d have to say it’s more Metro than Aqua… What was kind of cool was that there are really three parts to making the change. There are a bunch of static files that we need to change. Coda 2 helped nicely there (I have to say… the HTML editing is beautifully slick, hats off to panic). Next you bring in Mountee to make your templates accessable, very nice again and let’s us use Coda 2 which is a win (if only it really understood EE templates, and not just from a colouring and completion perspective). Finally there are some entries which we really got it wrong with that we used iExpression on the Mac to fix. 

What do I mean we got it wrong? Mainly that we embedded far too much style in the entries. RWE was our first significant EE site and we hadn’t figured it out yet. This is all stripped out now, and we used iExpression on the Mac to quickly (and locally) make the changes. As we threw the switch on the rest of the “template” changes all that remained was to publish all unpublished entries in one go, and bam… our site was updated. 


A curious week

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sadly nothing earth shattering to report. Lots of good stuff added (improved MSM support, some improvements to the module), but perhaps it’s a reflection of the fact we are getting close to Beta (in the traditional sense of the word… All features implemented, plenty of testing to do) but it just feels like we are re-arranging furniture. 

We’ve simplified the Mac client UI quite a bit, taking things out… making the manual automatic etc. All right and proper but not earth shattering. 

Coda 2 is pretty good. Diet Coda is very impressive…

That is all.

iCloud Syncing (iOS and OS X) video

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hey folks, as promised we’ve uploaded a rough-and-ready video of iCloud syncing. We used AirServer on the Mac to AirPlay the iPad onto the same screen as the Mac app and show the basic account set-up, viewing file locations, and even creating a post on the Mac with it showing up automagically on the iPad. The UI is still under-going a lot of work, and we certainly have bugs that are being squished… but we wanted you guys to see what we can see… a pretty exciting future where you can upload a photo from your phone, create an entry with just a title. Carry on with your iPad a bit later, and maybe add the final polish on your Mac.

We are pretty excited and hope you are too!

Rich text editing now in place in the iOS client

Friday, May 18, 2012

With a couple of minor technical hurdles we’ve now got rich text editing working on the iOS client. Still things like the toolbar to add, but the key thing is it’s there. We are writing a couple of blog posts to document the how’s of it all as we’ve had to do some fun hoop jumping!

Here it is on the iPad grin

and now editing the same post on iPhone (iCloud for the win) with iPhone uploaded screen shot!

One thing that you should note is that the image is smaller on the iPhone… The reason is (and it’s one of the clever things we’ve done) that we are using thumbnail images created to browse file locations on the iPhone instead of the full size ones. Not only will your data-plan love you… but the smaller images make rich text editing on the iPhone easier. Win. Win.

Quick preview of improved file view for iExpression iOS

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We just wanted to ping out a quick preview of what file locations look like at the moment. Still lots of UI work to do but it’s already much nicer grin

Quick update for those that wanted to see it on the iPad

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