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And then there were 4….

Monday, July 09, 2012

We are now down to just 4 items in the burn-down list, and they are becomming both increasingly minor… and increasingly niggly to find and fix. I guess this makes it a little desperation post to say… we are so close we can taste it but it’s at that force-of-will stage to get it all done and polished as it should be. 

We are hoping to hit zero today or tomorrow, run a full reqression suite, then submit to the App Store. For those awaiting an update to the module (existing iOS users) we are also working on that and will make it available shortly after App Store submission. It will get rid of some of the annoying warnings you have received in your logs and will be compatible with both the iOS and Mac versions of iExpression (so one module will do both, even before we update the iOS app). 

After spending all day on one of the four, and eventually discovering that I was being stunningly stupid (editing one of two very similar classes, but looking at the results of the other)… bringing the two together and fixing it… Only to then see that that one was clearly the cause for the other. 

A day I tell you. A whole day. 

2 bugs left. 
Please wait...