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Editing files for an iPhone/iPad iCloud enabled app without the app… on the Mac

Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Continuing in our mini series of blog posts looking at how you can use Cloud Mate to best effect… here’s “The one where you create a file on your iOS device and want to edit it on the Mac even though you don’t have the same App on your Mac”. If you would like to be nerdy… let’s call it “asymetrical iCloud transactional editing”. Hum. 

Editing iCloud files on your Mac… when you don’t have a matching app

The example here is quite simple. I have a file editing app on my iPhone (in this case iA Writer), but I don’t have it on the Mac. The Mac has a text editor (Text Editor) that does the job for me and comes with the OS… so I’ll use that. Now in this case the text editor is iCloud enabled itself… but it doesn’t need to be. Let Cloud Mate handle that. 

We’ve recorded a little video (Air Server allowing iOS mirroring) to show it in action… but here’s the flow before you watch it

  • Create the document on your iOS app when you are out and about
  • When you get back to base, the document is there waiting for you in Cloud Mate
  • Double-click on it in Cloud Mate and it will open it in your default editor for that file type. It doesn’t matter if that editor isn’t iCloud enabled.
  • Make your edits
  • Cloud Mate gets the changes back into iCloud
  • If you open your original app (or in this case I just left it running)… there’s the updated document (well after a pause while it grabbed the data)
Easy! Here’s the video…

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