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Transfering files to iCloud with Cloud Mate

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We’ve really been enjoying the response to Cloud Mate, and we thought it would be a good idea to talk about some of the things our users are doing with it, and how they are doing it, and other Apps they are using to do it… It seems like a good idea to start off with probably the most common case we hear about…

Moving files to an iPad/iPhone using iCloud

You are probably familiar with the situation… you have a file, perhaps something to read or review on a trip… and you want to get it on your iPad. iCloud seems like the most obvoius way to do it… but how?

The first thing you need to have a plan for is how you will be reading it… there will need to be an App to catch it that is iCloud enabled. If you have Apple’s Pages or the like that’s easy enough if it’s a pages document. However, there is a simply great app that reads a whole host of file formats from Microsoft Office, PDF, ZIP files, text files, and more… GoodReader. You can get it for the iPhone/iPod and the iPad.

iCloud needs to be turned on, that’s very easy. Go to Settings->General->iCloud and turn on Use iCloud

Your “My Documents” panel in GoodReader will now show an iCloud folder.

You’ll find anything you add to GoodReader from Cloud Mate there.

Fire up Cloud Mate (you did buy it didn’t you??)… and you’ll see GoodReader in the list of known Apps. Super. There are a number of things you can do from here…

  • Drag and drop your file directly onto the GoodReader app
  • Select the GoodReader app, create some folders (or use ones you’ve created in GoodReader) and drag and drop your file/document straight into it. It will be added to that location
  • If you have set-up Cloud Mate’s services (click here to learn how) just right-click on the file on the Mac, pick Services->Move/Copy to iCloud. When prompted, pick GoodReader as the App to copy it to
That’s it. The file will appear almost instanteously in GoodReader, but depending on the file size it may take a little longer to be available to open. GoodReader is also a great app for opening that file in other apps you may have installed.

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