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System Services

OS X provides an enormously powerful, but often missed, capability for applications to provide services to each other. Cloud Mate makes two new ones available. “Move to iCloud” and “Copy to iCloud”.

Cloud Mate System Services

Quickly flick files into iCloud

In order to use Cloud Mate’s services you must first enable them. To do this open System Preferences and go to the Keyboard panel. From there select “Services” from the list on the left hand side of the panel. 

Scroll down to “Files & Folders” in the tree on the right, and enable “Copy to iCloud” and “Move to iCloud”. This activates the services and makes them available to all other applications in OS X. 

In any other application, when a file is selected the Application menu (so in Finder… the Finder menu) will contain a Services sub-menu. The two new services will be enabled there. 

Other applications integrate services even further, the screen shot below shows Coda 2 displaying its context menu, allowing you to move or copy the files to iCloud using the Cloud Mate services. 

When you use the services, Cloud Mate will be brought to the front and will ask you which application you wish to send the file to. Simple select your desired application and click “Confirm”

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