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Just released: Cloud Mate 1.2

Monday, September 17, 2012

Cloud Mate is Finder for your iCloud. It enables you to easily see and manipulate all of your iCloud documents from a single app. In Cloud Mate 1.1 we added support for Photo Stream meaning that for the first time you didn’t need to run a dedicate app just to easily see all your pictures. 

Cloud Mate 1.2 refines the experience. We’ve made a host of changes to polish the experience for you, here are the changes in this release:
  • Improved navigation with back/forward and path drop-downs
  • Added “Organise by…” options to the toolbar
  • Introduced Mountain Lion notifications for changed documents in your iCloud including ability to chose which apps notify of changes
  • Start-up performance greatly improved
  • Added the ability to check for and download Cloud Mate updates
  • Cloud Mate now remains running when its window is closed
  • Fixed an issue where the name of a known app sometimes returned the bundle display name 
  • Fixed a bug where apps that were not immediately recognised would not automatically update when changes occurred in iCloud
  • Fixed a bug where keyboard navigation of apps would not work
  • Fixed an issue where window size and layout was not remembered correctly between runs
  • Fixed an issue where desired icon size was not remembered between invocations
  • Fixed an issue where the Quick Look popover may be too small
Registerd users can download Cloud Mate 1.2.1 here

Update: We’ve just released a 1.2.1 update to address 3 issues that were relatively common. Those who have already updated to 1.2 can use the “check for updates” menu item in the Cloud Mate menu to automatically download. Cloud Mate 1.1 users please just use the link above.
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