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Announcing Cloud Mate 1.1

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

We have been delighted by the response to Cloud Mate, and are very happy to announce the immediate availability of Cloud Mate 1.1. Cloud Mate 1.1 fixes a couple of issues, and introduces some great new features. 

Cloud Mate brings all of your iCloud content from all of your apps (including iOS apps) together into a single place on your Mac. Think of it as “Finder for iCloud”. Cloud Mate 1.1. has the following changes and improvements
  • Support for Photo Stream
  • Adds “Move to iCloud” and “Copy to iCloud” system services
  • Greatly improved “known app” detection for iOS apps
  • Added dynamic search
  • Added a toolbar for improved discoverability of Quick Look, Reveal in Finder, New Folder and Delete actions
  • Fixed an issue where the current selection was not correctly highlighted when switching between apps
  • Fixed an issue where dragging a file over a folder could be “fiddly”
  • Fixed an issue where known and unknown apps may not be correctly sorted
Registered users can download the new version by clicking here.
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