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Relaunching the web-site

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The observant amongst you will be aware that we’ve refreshed the web-site. We’ve really tried to streamline things and keep only our most current and active applications on here. If you are a user of eRation Client, eRation Server, or the redACT framework, you should have already received an e-mail explaining where the new sites are for those products.

Obviously this is not the first time we’ve done redesigned the web-site, and it made me think it may be worth taking a trip down internet memory lane. Cue Scooby-Doo fade…

Let’s start with the earliest records (we were founded in 1996, wow… 14 years ago) which I have, 1999. The focus was very much on Familiar… a Dungeons and Dragon assistant. This was very much an regrouping after Blitz Bombers, and our first PC application, having reluctantly left the Amiga behind us. Anyhow, ZD-Net gave it 5 stars and it was very very successful for us, and resulted in healthy PC bespoke development business.


Not much change next year, although I had discovered Photoshop and was busy adding drop shadows to everything. The web-design equivalent of flaired trousers.


Fast forward to 2004 and we are using our first “non-home made” CMS. It wasn’t pretty… and neither is the internets memory of it. So no picture… Let’s skip on to the last look…

Anyhow, having learned from the whole drop-shadow thing… we lept on reflections when they became popular and created the previous look, which to be honest, I loved. image

So there we are… to what you see now. As usual we may find a few issues as it settles in, but please make yourselves comfortable.

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